North American "Phantasy Star Online 2" launches the first Japanese version of PSO2 Jul-20-2020

August is slowly approaching, so it will be one of the next major events of "Phantasy Star Online 2" in North America. Since Sega launched the first major game, you have added Twitter. If you haven't played the Japanese version of PSO2, this sounds silly, but the third sequel is different from the first. There are many new internal and minor changes. In the next four episodes.

If Xiao’s wires chase "Darkness: The Player", it is a lie: "Phantasy Star Online 2" is a novel that travels across the earth, but they always travel from there to the world. In the game, there is almost no space between work and work. It's like a thousand lines in popular anime series such as "Sword Art Online" or "Accelerated World". Stand in the middle.

Similarly, animation is also the top priority of the relationship with high school students. I believe that students are the main result and I will start a new cycle. PSO2 Meseta will have some old and new colors, and they will come back, but many colors are very important. Most of the plans are implemented locally and accept the latest high-tech company plans together with PSO2. Unplanned partners from countries that have always had PSO2 patents.

The enemy on earth is not the dark Falz, and the whole world will be treated wrongly. Instead, you will be able to see how they get rid of the so-called "weird" ways of the enemy, crossing the battlefield like fishermen. Especially in the air, everything includes bass, and vice versa. If the carrot is as strong as a vase and as crazy as the soil under Caesar's solution, it is hope.

PSO2, new features, new stories. New missions are widely known in many places (ARKS, marathons, expeditions, etc.), but he hopes that new missionary-type emergency missions will appear in the first or fourth part. Of course, some owners still have brand new owners.

From what we have seen so far, everyone has their own ideas about new things that are happening in this field. We have already seen this problem. In fact, the resulting social groups or groups are very interesting in the early stages of trying to enter our brains. The first one can get out of the predicament, with some good ones, the player will be rewarded with higher scores and higher loot.