Like other events so far, Seasonal Points Nov-02-2021

Halloween is approaching, and New Genesis’s latest event comes at the right time. The central city is finished again, but this time the theme is haunted, and the world itself becomes a bit scary after dark. With these aesthetic changes, seasonal events and fairy emperor event NPCs have also returned, providing players with PSO2 NGS Meseta seasonal in-game tasks and rewards. With the new update released this month, and as NGS continues to improve its content, more content has been added to the event list.

The NGS Halloween Carnival starts on October 27th and lasts until November 24th. This provides players with plenty of time to obtain new rewards and complete additional seasonal tasks. This may lead to holidays or other seasonal events, which will give players more things to do until the main story update when the new year arrives.

As with the other events so far, seasonal points are back, just by defeating marked enemies (this time with pumpkins) and completing seasonal missions. Some of them may be aligned with regular NGS daily reports to make things easier. If the player has not upgraded the Bouncer class, this is also a good opportunity, because there are other tasks to complete. One task that provides the most seasonal points is to find and defeat new Halloween rabid dogs, who are dressed like Grim Reapers and cuter than cold. The decorative hologram is also back, with special ghost images hidden around the city for players to find.

Along with the new seasonal events, there are new items that can be obtained from Emperor Xiandi. One of the most expensive and most useful is the new four-star fire elemental weapons, although there are none of them in the game. Most are common weapons such as swords, double knives, and rifles, but some courses must use unusual weapons, for example, no poles or jet boots. This is the first time elemental weapons have been released in the form of four stars, and they are pre-grounded to +25, making it easier for them to power up further.

Another item that needs attention is a new Mag form that matches the appearance of the new Halloween area Mag. Unlike the original PSO2, Mag Forms will be overwritten, and players can now change them at will from a collection to make these new things collectable. As in the past, there is also an ornament, an autumn branch and a new stamp. There are also 1000 special Scratch tickets, which means that players who get everything they want can play new Scratch as they wish. If players do not have enough demand for them, they can also buy star gems. Of course, there are new AC Scratch Tickets to accompany the holiday.