Introducing Mission Pass Apr-09-2020

Introducing Mission Pass! Phantasy Star Online 2 players in North America know that using the mission pass will have the opportunity to earn rewards by playing games and completing missions. Let us understand this amazing feature together!

In addition to FUN points and daily login rewards, playing "Fantasy Star Online 2" will bring you another reward. Through the MISSION PASS system! After completing certain ARKS missions, you will earn stars (points). After obtaining a certain number of stars, you will enter the next level and be eligible to receive available merchandise. It's that simple!

Seeing Stars

You can earn stars to reach new levels in three ways:

Completing the level mission will reward the most stars

A small number of stars will be awarded for completing daily tasks

A small number of stars will be awarded for completing weekly tasks

As with other ARKS tasks, after completing the task, you need to click "Layer Task" to receive the star.

Receiving Rewards

After reaching the new level, please click on the reward icon displayed on the mission pass. Congratulations! Now you will be able to find the item in inventory. In addition to cosmetics and consumables, you can also get the Mission Badge badge and Rising Weapons Badge on the Mission Pass. Suppliers using these currencies are located in shopping malls. But cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta is here.

Dounle Your Rewards!

All Arks are automatically eligible for the rewards listed in the normal level of Mission Pass, but those who want to get more rewards can purchase MISSION PASS gold tickets and receive rewards from the Normal level and the Gold level throughout the season! Mission Pass gold tickets can be obtained by using Star Gems' Mission Pass interface, purchasing premium packages through the AC store or buying from the Star Gem store.

The task pass is valid for a specific period or season. When a season ends, a new mission pass season begins, and the earned stars will enter the rank through the new mission pass. However, any Tier Rewards not collected in the previous season will still be available within the set time.

Although you can only choose one, some rewards will have multiple options for you to choose from. Please choose carefully, as you will not be able to change the rewards later-even if you cannot equip these items. You can only claim rewards once per account, so make sure you receive rewards in the correct shipping!

Another Chance

If you see rewards with multiple choices and really want both, rest assured that you have another opportunity. At a certain level, you will unlock the extended game mode and be able to complete the level again, so you can choose the reward you did not get for the first time.

Don't miss the reward

If you have less entertainment time than you want, and can't earn enough stars, you can buy a level with star gems. Just click the PURCHASE TIER button on the Mission Pass interface. If you want to buy PSO2 Meseta, you can't miss our website.

It is much easier to earn new accessories and items through the Mission Pass system than to look at things in the personal store, which will make you the next person to lead the trend. Win stars and become one of the most fashionable Arks in Oracle!