How to transfer characters to New Genesis Jun-18-2021

Nearly a year after PSO2 was released in the West, Sega launched an updated and updated version called "Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis". New Genesis is a brand new experience that inherits most of its content by improving and expanding countless game features. This includes an unknown storyline, a series of brand new enemies, and a brand new roster of weapons and PSO2 NGS Meseta armor. Of course, while creating a brand new character from scratch may be fun for some people, many PSO2 players may prefer to keep a character they have been playing for a while. To some extent, NG does have an obligation to do so.

The good news is that roles can be transferred from basic PSO2 to New Genesis relatively easily. Character creation is an important part of PSO2, because there are a large number of cosmetics to choose from. It's easy to spend a few hours experimenting with colors, positioning, proportions, and the number of available items. Although New Genesis has its own approach to facial and physical features, the desire to start with familiar things also has its own advantages. Here is how players move their characters into PSO2 New Genesis.

How to transfer characters to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Character Selection-Create Screen

Since Phantasy Online 2 New Genesis only arrives exclusively on Western PCs and Xboxes, everyone can use two methods. The first method is to download the game using the Microsoft Store and log in with their Xbox Gamertag when prompted. Players with basic PSO2 previous data will automatically transfer their data to New Genesis after loading. Just select the spacecraft used in PSO2, and then select "role creation/selection". The characters in question will be displayed immediately, sorted down from the highest or most recently used. The same applies to Xbox. Just start the game, enter the character selection, and then choose which version of PSO2 players want to use the relevant character to enter.

For players on Steam or other PC platforms, these steps are a bit tricky, but they can still be done without much confusion. Sega provides a character creation benchmark that allows players to upload their characters from PSO2 or create brand new characters after the release of New Genesis. After entering the PSO2 data file, copy the character file information to the Benchmark folder, start the game, and load them during the character creation process. It is recommended that players make any appearance changes to the characters in the salon before saving; the cosmetics in New Genesis run on a slightly different set of codes, so some items may not look so attractive once they appear in New Genesis Up. After copying the files, PSO2 New Genesis will obtain character data from the benchmark and appear in the character list of the correct spacecraft. This also applies to the characters created in the benchmark.