How PSO2 New Genesis fits into the mysterious dark Falz Nov-11-2021

Phantasy Star’s greatest opponent has always been the so-called Dark Falz or Dark Force, and PSO2 is no exception, focusing the game’s story on this resurrected evil. In PSO2, Dark Falz has many forms, and its background is different from the RPG series of Sega game consoles. However, they all have one thing in common-they are connected with PSO2 NGS Meseta the main evil entity-Xuan An. Although no trace of this villain has been seen in New Genesis, they may be related to the DOLLS enemy in the game.

The Phantasy Star series can be traced back to the Sega Masters system where the first game debuted. It is there that the story of Dark Falz begins and runs through most of the franchise games. Its story has changed between online and RPG games, and New Genesis is likely to stick to the same story as other online games, especially because it is associated with the original PSO2.

When Dark Falz first appeared in the original Phantasy Star, it was not discovered until later in the story that it was the real villain of the game. It comes from another galaxy, has a king, and then becomes a tyrant, allowing monsters to appear. In the end, the heroes are believed to have defeated the Dark Falz, but it just sleeps and reappears in Phantasy Star II. The debut of Dark Falz is very basic, because developers can only do a lot with the old technology. However, its story has been enriched in the course of the series.

PSII happened 1,000 years later, just like PSO2 and New Genesis, following the descendants of the protagonist in the first game. Although the main enemy of this game is a computer entity called Mother Brain, it may actually be Dark Falz that caused it to be built in the first place. Just like in PSO2: Episode 4, in the RPG series Algo, there is a cross between the earth and the planet. Dark Falz met on the Earth spacecraft orbiting Algo, which is where the Mother Brain operates. The earth was destroyed. When the people on earth found Argo, they destroyed it out of jealousy. If there was no influence of Dark Falz, this would be a strange move. However, some Argonians fled by boat, which became the background of Phantasy Star III.

Although the game style of Phantasy Star III is very different, Dark Falz is once again the main enemy. It jumps between ships, infects people with its dark presence, causing destruction and war. The two heroes finally caught the dark Falz conspiracy and ended it, although as before, it only dormant for 1,000 years. The game has gone through several generations of heroes defeated again and again, and it was not until "Phantasy Star IV" that the reason for its resurrection was revealed.

There, Dark Falz was just an extension of the mystery sealed by the three races of Argo. But in PSIV, the seal was weakened to a very serious degree, allowing Xuan An to release more than one enemy of Dark Falz, which the heroes must face. This is also the first time there is a story of confrontation between the two entities, Great Light and Xuan Yin. At the end of PSIV, the deep darkness was conquered forever. The RPG series ends here, but online games continue the tradition.

The Phantasy Star online game retains the plot point of Dark Falz's resurrection every 1,000 years, and is also the main villain in addition to the Phantasy Star universe. However, it wasn't until PSO2 that the abyss reappeared and shared a similar story with the original game. In PSO2, an advanced race named Photoners discovered a sentient ocean planet with omniscience, Xion. They tried to recreate it, but failed many times.

An empty container, the closest thing to success, was full of the negative emotions of photons, corrupted, and Xuan Yin was born. It is at odds with Xion, trying to destroy the universe, while Xion tries to protect it. Here, Xuan An is not only infecting those who suffer from negative emotions, but can even turn them into Dark Falz to serve it. At the end of PSO2, facing the most real abyss, it reveals that the player character is the Great Light sent to destroy it once and for all, thus connecting it with other games.

So far, New Genesis has not mentioned Dark Falz or even Falzspawn. However, the game takes place 1000 years after PSO2, which is in line with its resurrection timeline. Xuan An never seems to be truly defeated, because it is an evil entity. At first glance, DOLLS does not seem to be connected, but they do have photon properties, that is, they are blue when calm, which is a natural photon state, and become red when attacked, which is the property of Dark Falz photons. The resurrection may be coming, but we cannot be sure until more stories of New Genesis are released.