Fantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is everything I want Mar-30-2021

Over the weekend, the second Japanese closed beta test of "Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis" ended. I was lucky enough to work for a few hours at Halpha, one of my favorite courses. Everything I know about "New Genesis" is about to enter the PSO2 Meseta closed beta, when PSO2: NGS exceeded my expectations, it still surprised me.

The closed Beta experience slightly eliminates the experience players may have when the game is finally released. For example, it is said that some game sequences surrounding the story have been deleted so that players can focus on the game experience and learn how to play Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. I am very happy to see that the presentation of the story in "New Genesis" has changed, but this omission did not bother me, mainly because the game is in Japanese. Although I tried to adopt a powerful translation system throughout the script, I was very satisfied with only focusing on combat, world exploration, and text-based missions.

When I logged into the game for the first time, it was obvious that NGS graphically fully introduced the "Phantasy Star Online" series into the modern era. Character creation is similar to PSO2, but the models and options are not that clumsy, and many hairstyles have a feather-like texture. You can layer some of your accessories and create a truly unique character. This feature has not changed. One thing that did change is that my character was able to apply the CAST function to my human character. NSO eliminates the racial restrictions of PSO2, which is very exciting for players who want to create a visual blend of their favorite cosmetics. After creating the role I like, I chose the class Force and completed the role creation process.

After loading into the central city, you first have to talk to the guide who guides you. Initially, your task is to travel to the exploration zone of the world and defeat a few enemies. It didn't take as long as I thought to adapt to the new athletic ability. In PSO2, I will run and avoid, every once in a while, I will use some tricks to slide in my own happy way, and New Genesis will provide you with sprint, double jump and slide options from the beginning. In the open exploration area, I was shocked by its appearance.

The world is lush with trees, animals roaming on the grassland, and in one area, creatures like buffalo are immersed in the lake. When the mist fills the water and the sky goes from night to night, these seemingly simple functions create a pleasant atmosphere. The world is full of life in a way that the "Phantasy Star Online" series has never seen before. I have always liked the settings in the "Phantasy Star" series, but if I can complain about exploration in PSO2, it is that the level is too limited. Loading into a single map provides a single specific environment, which reduces the immersion of encounters. NGS changed this. As I venture around the world, I will transition to new areas that are seamless and visually confusing.

Finally, when I needed to test my Rod and kill some enemies, I was happy to learn that the battle has not changed much, but it has been improved visually, and I learned some of my abilities, love, it seems Has been trained. Charging my technology is just like in PSO2, charging in the same way, but I noticed that after fully charged, my basic shooting ability, Foie, seems to have more influence and a greater range of action. The effect is also greatly improved. For example, Gibarta emits more delicate ice cones instead of jagged icicles protruding from PSO2. The differences in Gibarta will definitely change the way I use it, and I am happy to have more time to learn about other technologies to understand what might have changed.

Running in the whole world, I found many enemies to deal with my courage. My main feeling about combat is the way the basic attack target works. Unless I am locked onto the enemy, or unless I use a certain technique, my attack seems to miss the enemy. Although this may be due to the wrong options when I fiddled with the Y-axis controls, I did encounter something much more difficult than they needed. my, my time in "New Genesis" is fleeting. Soon after fighting a DOLLS named Pedas Sword, I ended the game. Unfortunately, this battle was short-lived, because this particular enemy surprised me with a powerful long-range attack.