Bodyguard class, Sonic and autumn events are coming to Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Aug-28-2021

The next batch of "Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis" has been announced. As announced by NGS Headline today, the plan contains three main elements. The biggest announcement is to confirm that the Bouncer class will soon enter PSO2 New Genesis.

The Bouncer course has been confirmed to be released in October and will be the PSO2 NGS Meseta second course to be released after Braver. It will get two new weapons: jet boots and towering blades. It is not clear whether the gun blade of the original PSO2 will also return. Fans can expect the Bouncer course to have high mobility and rich game fun.

New Genesis will also host Sonic cooperation activities. To celebrate the release of Sonic Colors Ultimate, Sega offers various login rewards and Twitter activities. Participating in the event can bring you up to 13 different Sonic-related items.

This event, which will be held on September 1st, should satisfy PSO2 New Genesis players until the Bouncer category is released. Daily login will reward the combination of cosmetics and useful items. Some examples shown in the title include Sonic’s shoes, Tails Mag overlays, and sprint animations based on Sonic’s spinning sprint.

In addition to the collaboration with Sonic the Hedgehog, New Genesis will also usher in a second seasonal event. The fall event starts on September 1, bringing back Sandy and seasonal points. These seasonal points can be used to purchase limited cosmetics, new weapon series and other miscellaneous items in her store.

The new Frostel weapon series is a variant of the Glissen weapon that appeared in the summer event. Although Glissen deals extra damage to enemies weaker than lightning, Frostel deals extra damage to enemies weaker than ice. They are three-star rare weapons and may perform well during the event. Players can test this new series in Nex Vera, which first appeared as a seasonal enemy.