Although this sounds like a ridiculous task Oct-17-2021

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis just received a major update, adding the Bouncer category, bringing back the Mission Pass, upgrading the Mining Urgent Quest and introducing the exciting new Battledia Quest. These PSO2 NGS Meseta may become an important part of the later stage of this MMO game, and everything they provide will not be separated from the larger world. Hope that these tasks can persist as in the original PSO2, because they will change with each new episode.

Battledia Quests was announced in the NGS Headline video last month, and there are a series of other content leading players in the coming months. There are two types available: yellow task and purple task. The yellow ones are for everyone, while the purple ones are for players of the final game. However, there are some requirements for performing these operations.

To complete any Battledia mission, players need to collect five battle triggers. These are the keys to unlock the special portals around Aelio leading to these new missions. These keys are randomly dropped by enemies, which means that players of all levels have the motivation to explore, do daily tasks, and fight in ranked areas to find them. After obtaining these keys, players need to assemble a team of four to complete the Battledia Quest. These missions have the potential to invigorate the larger world, and at the same time provide players with a way to upgrade faster and obtain endgame equipment and enhancements to prepare for the next.

Battledia: The yellow mission is suitable for all players, because the enemy is standard, the mission provides a lot of experience, a lot of materials and three to four-star equipment. These are good for novices, they can upgrade other professions and hone their equipment, and provide a better way to do these things. Although both daily and weekly levels can be leveled, it is still very slow after level 15, and it is tedious to spend hours in the ranking area hoping for good abrasives.

The Battledia: Purple mission is more difficult and is suitable for endgame players who already have some good equipment. These are essentially testing players' courage by requiring players to kill as many Gigantix leaders as possible within a time limit. These are the most difficult enemies to deal with in the current game, and only players of the highest level can participate.

Although this sounds like a ridiculous task, it is important to remember that only four players are allowed, which means that Gigantix's health pool is significantly lower than the main world. At this point in the game, players are often stuck waiting for Gigantix to generate collection enhancements because they have already obtained the best equipment. This task solves this problem by providing them with a way to get the best enhancements and items in the game.

Battledia Quests provide a great way to prepare players for the final game content without leaving the open world favored by NGS. It also encourages people to play together to complete these tasks. It would be interesting to see players compare how many Gigantix they killed within the time limit. Overall, Battledia seems to be the perfect complement to NGS.