​A Guide to Auxiliaries Mar-27-2020

If you have any questions, please find Auxiliary! Fully customize is your trusted pocket companion, and you can dispatch him or her to perform tasks to help you complete endless tasks!

Endless customization

For those who love the character creation process of Phantasy Star Online 2 very happy, there is another way to use it! When customizing the look of a helper, head to the beauty salon on the second floor of the shopping plaza to use all the accessories and hairstyles tied to the account. The appearance of the assistant can be customized in the same way that the surgeon receives cosmetic care. This way, if you don't have enough confidence in that eccentric hat, the assistant can model it for you. Hiring Auxiliary is a better way to achieve your goals in Phantasy Star Online 2, even if they just have the best-dressed exploration partners! Cheap PSO2 Meseta should help you!

Retrofit your pocket-sized room

Placing auxiliary console furniture in your personal dormitory creates a permanent stand for your companion. With access assistance, you can provide them with exploration instructions, change their device or just chat. You can even select sub-categories of Auxiliary through the Auxiliary menu. When you set a sub-category, the category will get half of the full experience when assisting people to explore. In addition, support personnel will be able to use subcategories of skills in combat. If you purchase another assistive-specific piece of furniture, you can dissolve it from its original placement to call it new furniture. After all, the decoration of the Chaise Lounge may be much better than the auxiliary console.

Let a support person help you search

To dispatch a helper in the search, select "Assistant" from the personal terminal in your personal dormitory, or choose from the options available when accessing the helper from your furniture. After a set period of time, the helpers will return from the search and hand over any customer order items they have obtained. After conducting repeated searches and developing its capabilities, support personnel will be able to successfully find items for more difficult orders and gain experience to improve combat skills.

Auxiliary operation

Didn't the rare weapon that had not been used drop, but do you hate the idea of using it as a booster feed? Give it a helping hand! Auxiliary equipment can be equipped with items and eggs from your inventory. However, skill rings cannot be equipped, and the affinity of items equipped with auxiliary equipment will not increase. Depending on the type of weapon used, auxiliary equipment will change levels as needed to use new equipment.

Hurry up and customize the look and treatment of your helper so it fits exactly with your preferences. As mentioned above, you don't have to worry about accumulating customer orders, it can acquire long-term customer order items or help defeat enemies when exploring at parties, etc. Auxiliary is ready and willing to help you!

Finally, if you want to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta, we are your Auxiliary 2!